“This romantic.. schematic comedy-drama, by the writer and director Stacy Cochran, is a tale of New York’s two cities and the extreme measures needed to connect them.”
THE NEW YORKER, Goings On About Town by Richard Brody [November 20, 2018]

“The complex plot combined with compelling acting brings excitement and energy to the film. The excellent soundtrack is the icing on the cake.”
VOX, A Comical Heist With A Purpose by Shannon Wilson [November 4, 2018]

Write When You Get Work is... romantic and fun to watch – but it is also incredibly observant. When visiting either of the two worlds Cochran masterfully describes, we are immediately transported there.”
NWZ ONLINE, Criminals For Democracy by Karsten Kastelan  [September 16, 2018]

"Delightful… An entertaining romp through cinematic adventures (and misadventures)."
HAMMER TO NAIL, Stolen Hearts by Christopher Llewellyn Reed  [March 22, 2018]

"Fantastic… A love story, heist and social commentary all at the same time."
WE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, SXSW 2018 Review by Ashley Menzel  [March 13, 2018]